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“I had Reiki sessions with Becky prior to an operation. I was finding life very confusing and frightening at the time and Becky reached out to me to offer her help and expertise. I found that the sessions provided me with an inner calmness, a sense of focus and total relaxation. Also, aches and pains in my back and arms subsided.
I would recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to find an inner sense of peace. Becky is fantastically kind and the ultimate professional."

Dan White, Southampton

"I've suffered with a back ache for as long as I can remember to the point I would yelp in pain and more recently I'd been getting RSI in my wrist.

I originally booked in 6 Reiki sessions. Becky explained everything thoroughly and what she would be doing, she will make you feel very welcome and at ease, it's one of the most relaxing things I've ever done.

After the 1st session I don't remember too much change but after the 2nd and 3rd my back ache had completely gone, which was amazing. After 2 more sessions the RSI in my wrist also went, I knew then that Reiki works.

The 1st couple of sessions made my head feel icy cold but the rest of me was boiling, other sessions it was the other way around. I'd feel tingling in my arms or legs and sometimes it would feel like Becky's hands were over my feet but they were over my shoulders.

Recently, I was pulled over by a dog and damaged my ribs and shoulder. It was so painful it made me cry and I couldn't turn my body or head. Thankfully I actually had an appointment booked in with Becky that night and she could see how much pain I was in.  A couple of hours after my session the pain vanished, I could not believe it! My shoulder still needed a couple more treatments but from not being able to move 2 hours earlier literally was a miracle.

I have also experienced a distance healing session and I continue to have in-person sessions every 6 weeks or so. If you are contemplating whether to book a treatment just do it, I can't thank Becky enough and I am always recommending her.

Alice Moneypenny, Southampton

“I can recommend Becky to everyone, she is such a lovely lady.
I have just had another session with her and with her gentle hands-on touch she has taken away the pain in my shoulder and knee.
Her calm and peaceful demeanour leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.
Thanks Becky!"

Margaret West, Southampton

“I had Reiki with Becky when I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed. Over a few sessions she helped me feel more relaxed and able to cope with things.
The sessions themselves were so lovely, cozy, friendly and relaxing and Becky made me feel so at ease. I'm very grateful."

Jules, Hampshire

“I went to see Becky from a recommendation for pain in my shoulder and back. It was a very relaxing process and Becky is extremely positive.
I have to say I went into this with a slight scepticism about this type of treatment, but my shoulder pain went after just a one-hour session with Becky, and although the back pain is still there, it has eased considerably,  so maybe a few more treatments would have fixed my back entirely."

James Bampton, Southampton

“I highly recommend Becky for the service she provides. I have a physical job which leads to pulled muscles, stiff neck and shoulders which has eased considerably since having sessions with Becky. It has even helped with my sciatica!
I always feel welcome and relaxed in Becky's treatment room. I feel warmth from her hands, which sometimes makes me fall asleep.
I have suffered from hearing loss in one ear since childhood so Becky suggested that I have some tuning fork sound healing and I was amazed that the more sessions I had my hearing improved.
My ailments are vanishing and I am sleeping much better, so I thank you Becky for your fantastic service!."

Andy Sheath, Southampton

“I highly recommend having Reiki sessions with Becky, as since receiving treatments the rash on my neck has cleared up.
The sessions make me feel relaxed and the warmth from her hands and the music is so calming. I have even felt body tingles and saw flashes of light when I was receiving sound healing from the tuning forks."

Lewis Lowbridge, Southampton

"I experienced a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during my treatments. Becky is super and made me feel at ease instantly.

I booked in three one-hour treatments for dizzy spells and back pain, which have now disappeared."

Christine Bampton, Hampshire

"I booked in three distance Rahanni Celestial Healing sessions with Becky.
She is amazing, I felt so relaxed and I fell asleep on two of my sessions.
I strongly recommend Becky. Thank you!"

Cheetra, Hertfordshire

“Becky kindly offered to do one-to-one and distance healing for my dog as he had some fatty lumps appear.
He was very happy in both sessions. During the distance reiki he was asleep by the fire so totally relaxed and with the one-to-one Becky made him feel very comfortable by sitting on his bed with him.
He has had three sessions in total and thankfully along with a change in diet they haven't got any bigger which is great news.”

Alice - Archie's Owner

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