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Prices and Information

What I Offer

  • In-person sessions for those located in Hampshire, UK.   (complimentary aromatherapy - scent of your choice)

  • Distance/remote sessions worldwide.

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing with crystals during Reiki treatments.

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing with a pendulum during Rahanni treatments.

  • Sound healing using tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowl and music.  

  • Reiki energetic cord cutting.

  • Pet treatments.

  • Rahanni for children and teenagers.


Personalised E-Gift Cards are available on request. A perfect gift for someone special, for any occasion.



My Prices


Reiki / Rahanni Treatment 30 mins = £30

(total session time including consultation before and after approx. 45 mins)

Reiki / Rahanni Treatment 60 mins = £40 - if opting for additional chakra balancing and tuning fork sound healing

(total session time including consultation before and after approx. 1 hr 15 mins)

Distant Healing:

Reiki / Rahanni 30 mins = £30

Pet Treatments - (in-person or distant):

Reiki / Rahanni 20 mins MAX = £20

Rahanni for Children and Teenagers - (in-person or distant):

£20 - 20 mins MAX

(children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult for in-person treatments)

How Many Treatments?

I recommend 6 Reiki sessions or 3 Rahanni sessions to begin with, for you to start noticing the benefits.


However, everyone is unique so you may start to feel the benefit after just one session (as some of my clients

have done), or it may take you longer, depending on the healing you require.


We can discuss and assess your healing journey after each session if required.

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