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About Becky

Hello and welcome.

I channel two different energy healing modalities:- Reiki: the Universal Life Force Energy and Rahanni: the Love and Light focused energy. I am fully qualified and insured.

For two decades I was busy working in various office roles and the weight of living and the environment I found myself in made me push down my spiritual gifts as I couldn’t see past the reality that I was living every day. I felt I had to hide who I was and just try to navigate who to be in this world to just get by.


Life challenges, stress and anxiety ultimately lead to a breakdown and it was at this point that I realized something had to change. This guided me to pursue my path to spiritual awakening which made room for my true self to come through. 

Today I own a gardening business called Domestic Duo alongside my husband, serving our local community. I am also on a mission to assist others in their healing process and to unlock their full divine potential.

Although my journey of discovery is still evolving, I have covered some distance already. I have discovered amazing tools and modalities, many of which I use daily to create the life I desire. I’m not here to preach or teach, but rather to share my heart and my own self discovery.

My goal is to assist you in reaching your Divine Vibration.

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